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George Michael

25. december 2016

25. june 1963

My Collection






George Michael

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When I was 12 years old, I got acquainted with the duo Wham! for the first time.

I was at a party for children and young people where the DJ played "Wake me up before you go go". I fell in love with the song, and found out that it could be found on the album called "Make it Big". My neighbor (a 14 years old girl) had the album "Make it Big" I loaned it from her and got it recorded onto a cassette.

The music was good and it made me curious for more, I soon found out that Wham already in 1983 had made a previous album, called "Fantastic". I did not have much money, so I could not afford even to buy "Fantastic", therefore I also borrowed this album, and recorded it on a cassette.

In January 1985, I got my first real girlfriend (Who later became my wife), and we listened constantly to "Last Christmas".

 "Last Christmas" I simply had to have, so in the spring of 1985, I bought my first Wham record "Last Christmas - Pudding Mix", and since then I have collected Wham records. In the beginning my collection was slowly growing, but as I was earning more money, and trading on the internet became posible, my collection also got bigger and bigger.

I wanted to create a better overview of my collection. Mostly for my own sake, but also so others could look at and enjoy it. I work with IT on a daily basis, and think it's a fun hobby, creating a website. Because of this I created

All photos in the categorys  "My Collection", "CD/DVD" and "Program/Magasin" are actual photos of my own collection.

Hope all guests will like the website. Enjoy!

When you have a Wham collection, of course you also have a George Michael collection. But I have not yet decided if I want to make a website for that part of my collection as it is very time consuming.

A sneak peek of parts of my George Michael collection is therefor added on this site.


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