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Program / Magazin

This page is not finished yet, but is under construction. The current content is only current, more will be added.
My collection is most concentrated around vinyl records,  the collection of CDs, DVDs, Programs, Magazines and Books is not so extensive. But it may be over time.


Concert Program

Club Fantastic Tour 1983

Make It Big Tour 1984

Wham America! 1985

Club Fantastic Tour 1983

The Big Tour Japan 1985

The Final Concert 1986

The Big Tour 1985

Magazin / Book

Photo Story - Japan (Poster)

The Official Biography

Wham Special

Wham Special

Special Souvenir Of Wham's Chinese Tour (Poster)

Wham Complete Series No 4

The Wham Book

Wham Into '85

Wham In Their Own Words (Poster)

Wham Crazy

The Wham Story

A Fistful Of Wham

The Complete Book Of Wham

Wham China

Stars Over Wham

The Wham Scrapbook 

Wham - Bruno Hizer 

The Anabas Look Book Series - Wham 

Calendar 1986

Calendar 1987

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